Vucic Agreement

As part of the agreements, Serbia and Kosovo agreed to join the Schengen mini-zone. [11] The Economic Normalization Agreements between Kosovo and Serbia are two documents in which Kosovo and Serbia agreed to facilitate economic normalization between them. [1] The documents were signed by Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, on September 4, 2020, at the White House, in the presence of U.S. President Donald Trump. [2] The agreements also contain provisions according to which Serbia and Kosovo qualify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and support the decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide. [11] “We are committed to working together to improve people`s lives and create new jobs in the region. And we believe entirely in your [Trump] administration. We share the same values of freedom, democracy and an open market economy. That is why we look forward to starting to implement this agreement as soon as possible,” Hoti said.

Robert O`Brien, Trump`s national security adviser, who moderated the White House talks with Richard Grenell, Trump`s special envoy for the Kosovo-Serbia peace talks, adopted an optimistic tone for further action by the countries. “I think it`s now about normalizing economic relations. And this is really a fantastic step for both peoples, both Kosovo and Serbia. It took a lot of effort. I think it`s a first step,” O`Brien said. Grenell said it remained to be seen “whether the focus on the economy and job creation can `annihilate` the political demands of both sides.” I think one of the great elements of this agreement is that we will have a freeze on recognition and decoding campaigns over the next year. This means that next year we will be able to see how job growth and job creation in the region really take effect. And then, in a year`s time, judge us by the rest of the political process,” Grenell said. Former Vice President Joe Biden, Trump`s rival in the US presidential election, responded to a voa question about the deal by saying that “normalizing relations between countries is one. overall and in almost all cases, this is a good thing,” he stressed, stressing that “Kosovo should be an independent country. No part of Serbia. “A new approach? U.S. efforts to get Kosovo and Serbia to agree on cooperation on a number of economic fronts to attract investment and create jobs were led by Grenell, who called the economic approach “turning the scenario around” and focused on providing incentives to citizens of both countries.

especially young people. to create. Grenell on Friday praised Trump for his “creative” approach, pointing out that the deal could not have been reached by Washington insiders who have been stuck for years. .