Roommate Agreement Miami University

This agreement may be revised at any time. Residents are encouraged to review this agreement after the first month of the semester. The quality of roommate relationships is related to the communication between roommates. Positive relationships have been demonstrated by the fact that roommates understand each other`s expectations more clearly, communicate more openly with each other, and communicate with each other their ability to verbalize thoughts and feelings. Listen carefully to your conversations with your roommate. Try to unconditionally accept what you hear, even if you disagree. If you agree, your roommate will feel free to express things honestly. Living with a roommate during a global pandemic is definitely a new experience. If you have early conversations about the following topics, you can reduce the problems later. Good friends aren`t always good roommates. Reconciling lifestyle habits and priorities is essential to the satisfaction of roommates. Consider these compatibility issues. If your plans change and you are enrolled on the Oxford campus, you must abide by your contract with us.

The Board of Appeal will carefully and consistently examine whether, since the signing of the contract, a substantial modification (beyond your control) has taken place, justifying a modification or release of the housing contract. Dismissal requests are usually not granted for the desire to live off campus, conflicts with roommates, fraternity/sorority issues, or social and personal preferences. Please contact the Office of Residence Life if you have a roommate conflict. Since Miami has a residency requirement, first- and second-year students are not allowed to file a right to a contract. If you believe that you have a legitimate financial, medical or other reason to request the declassification of your contract, fill out the appeal form for the housing contract and submit it with the corresponding documents (see form for more details). The appeal process may take 7-14 business days. Please provide all necessary documents, as incomplete appeals may prolong the process.