Wfse Bargaining Agreement

This agreement expires on June 30, 2021. However, when a worker is president or vice-president of AFSCME/WFSE Council 28 on the expiry date of this agreement, the deadline and terms of this agreement are extended until the end of the 36-month leave. During negotiations for the 2019-2021 succession agreement, the parties agreed on the following increases in recruitment and retention salaries for the Hospital Assistant, Hospital Assistant Lead and Personnel Technicians. The length of seniority for delimitation purposes includes the duration of the worker`s credit up to the date of entry into the bargaining unit, including the government service deposit. The sick and unused leave balance sheets of permanent employees who change employment between the collective agreement unit and the non-negotiation unit will change with the worker. 47.1. The university will not award work resulting in the dismissal of tariff units. With the exception of emergencies or qualified contracts described in point 47.2, the University of the Union will inform 30 days in advance of any contract authorized by this article. 43.9. Joint Union/Management meetings for bothell and Tacoma campuses are organized as required and by mutual agreement. What does the Union do for its members? The legal requirements require unions to submit annual reports to the Ministry of Labour explaining how union employees and public servants used their membership rights. Not to be too careful whether this requirement to discuss and explain the long and complex legal details of this requirement, I would simply like to mention that the work of unions can be divided into two types: maintenance and non-service.

In general, service means all work related to collective bargaining, contract management or claims adjustments, while non-servicing is considered work that is not directly related to these responsibilities. An example of an interview is the time a trade unionist spends negotiating the union contract, and non-service is the time he spends on a political candidate at a rally. 6.9. Consolidation. Complaints resulting from the same situation can be consolidated by written agreement. 44.5. The university undertakes to notify the Union of proposed reclassifications of tariff units occupied into non-negotiation units at least thirty (30) days before their implementation. 45.3. Recruitment/retention allowance.

The employer may increase the salary of classifications that have recruitment or engagement problems. Within 30 days of the entry into force of this Agreement, the parties will begin discussions on recruitment and retention issues within the Skill Trades bargaining unit.