U.s. Bank Esign Consent Agreement

I have read information about the use of electronic records, communications, communications and emails and I agree with the use of electronic records to transmit the necessary information as part of our relationship. I can display this information with my computer and software. I have an account with an Internet service provider and I can send emails and receive emails with hyperlinks to websites and attached files. I also agree with the use of electronic records and electronic signatures instead of written documents and handwritten signatures. Email Reception: We may send notifications to the email address or phone number you have set, post notifications on our website or send you notifications via our online banking service with the appropriate notifications, as far as current legislation allows. We treat all messages that we send you electronically, as if they were sent by the U.S. mail, the Emperor, and we take into account messages received within three (3) working days of the date we send you, even if you do not receive the email or SMS during this period, or if you access the bank`s website or online banking services. This communication contains important information before consenting to the electronic transmission of the necessary information. Your consent also allows the widespread use of electronic records and electronic signatures in conjunction with the necessary information. Once you have read this information and your consent, if you agree to obtain the necessary information from us electronically and if you are involved in the general use of electronic records and electronic signatures as part of our relationship, please “SIGN” below.

If you accept electronic information, this consent applies to all necessary information we receive from you regarding our relationship and related communications, disclosures and other documents. From time to time, you can try to get a new Wells Fargo product from us. If you do, we will remind you that you have already given us your consent for the use of electronic records and signatures. If you decide not to use electronic records and signatures related to the new product or service, your decision does not mean that you revoked that consent for another Wells Fargo product. Consent: Your consent to receive notifications and electronic activity and our consent apply only to accounts that you have with us and that you set specifically for receiving electronic notifications, whether they exist now or in the future. Unless the law prohibits, you agree that we may consider notifications to all account holders if such notification is communicated to you in a manner provided for by this Agreement. If we provide you with electronic records and you want a paper copy, you can contact the appropriate customer service and request a paper version. You will find the corresponding contact information in the account extract or in the wells Fargo product agreement in relation to the electronic dataset. You may have to pay a tax for the paper copy, unless the collection of a tax is prohibited by current legislation. Please note the declaration or agreement for any tax that may be charged for paper copies. There are certain communications that we cannot communicate to you electronically, even with your consent.