State Agreements Australia

Ms. Tyers – [N]gotiations on contracts continues between different Commonwealth departments and a number of government departments of the state, making it very difficult to coordinate the process. 13.5 The Committee was informed that, when seeking to consult with the Commonwealth on treaties, states should consult with the Commonwealth on their own international agreements before concluding them. [9] Roger Wilkins, Director General of the NSW Office, acknowledged that there had been several instances where Commonwealth policy and international state agreements in trade or agriculture had clashed. [10] Senator Cooney responded by suggesting that these problems could be overcome if there was a two-way consultation body. [11] For more information on other intergovernmental agreements, see below. The main resources in Western Australia are iron ore, natural gas, gold, alumina and nickel. However, there are more than 50 different minerals that are mined in Western Australia, more than in any other Australian state or territory. 13.7 A “federal clause” generally refers to a provision in a treaty under which the international responsibility of a federal land is assumed only for matters within the constitutional jurisdiction of the federal state. If, as in the case of Australia, the federal authority is fully empowered to implement the treaty, the clause will have no influence on Australia`s obligations. [13] Background information on the role of federal clauses in international law is contained in Chapter 3. 13.46 While the Commonwealth felt that there was a very high level of consultation with states, states expressed a different view. As noted above, the position of the joint government of state and territory indicates that “the level of information provided by the Commonwealth to states and territories varies considerably from treaty to treaty” and that “the views of the state and territory are sometimes sought too late in the negotiation process.” [56] Yet new state agreements are now much rarer than in the 1960s and 1970s.

A number of recent government agreements have been reached to authorize the construction of major railway lines – a circumvention necessary in light of the Public Works Act 1902 (AV), which provides that a railway can only be built under the supervision of special legislation. The special legislation does not necessarily have to be done through a state agreement, but that is the approach that the VA government has taken in practice. Mr. Lamb- and –I think our recordings are really very good. We have also had state representatives in our delegations over the years at the annual meetings of the UN Commission on Human Rights. Although it is not a conventional body itself, it is a body that often thinks about what should happen in a contract, how a contract could be implemented or the standards applied. 13.69 The joint proposal to the Committee states that Prime Ministers and Prime Ministers have approved a position paper recommending the creation of a treaty council in addition to the Council of Australian Governments to review important strategic treaties and draw the Commonwealth`s attention to state and territory concerns. [82] However, 13.4 states enter into international agreements below treaty status. [7] These are usually trade or cultural agreements.