Sole Marketing Agreement

“Remarketer,” a commercial entity that buys products or services for marketing purposes. 15. The company may terminate this contract if the agents do not comply with the terms of this contract or satisfy the sale of the company`s products. The company`s position is final in this regard. However, the company gives representatives one month`s notice to make a statement as to why the company intends to terminate the contract. 1. The company appoints agents and agents agree to negotiate as the exclusive seller of the company for the State of Rajasthan with effect…………. a five-year period for the promotion and sale of the company`s products in this area. 17. At the end of this contract, the agents deliver to the Company goods that are not sold, all books and documents relating to that agency. You agree to immediately notify the entity in writing of expected changes or changes to your financial structure, business structure or business environment (for example. B a substantial change in the capital structure or management, or a substantial change in the information you provided to the company when you applied for the conclusion of the relationship) (except: , this is excluded by law or by law). Following the announcement of such a change (or if you do not announce it), the entity may, at its sole discretion, terminate the marketing agreement on written notification.

16. Any party may terminate the contract in writing to the other party with a period of three months. Accounts between the parties are settled within three months of the Agency`s closing date and are permanently adjusted. Event marketing is a competitive industry. Stand out from your competition with this PandaDoc event marketing model! 20. This agreement is executed in two copies. The original is kept by the company and duplicated by the agents. Agents bear stamp duty and other expenses related to the original and duplicate of this agreement.

AND CONSIDÉRANT that the company accepted the agents` offer to be its only sellers for the state of Rajasthan. 14. Agents file with the company a security of rs……….. cash for the proper execution of the agreement. Enforcement assistants are entitled to simple interest of 18% per year on the amount of the guarantee they have deposited with the company and which must be paid each year at the time of account counting. Without prejudice to its other rights, the entity may, at its sole discretion, adjust the security rights or losses it has suffered as a result of the violation or non-compliance with the terms of this agreement. 19. All disputes and disputes of any kind arising from or related to this agreement are referred to arbitration and the final decision of an arbitrator to be agreed and appointed by both parties, or, in the event of disagreement over the appointment of an individual arbitrator for the appointment of two arbitrators, one to be appointed by each party , and if there are two arbitrators who, before taking the charge of submission, they appoint a third arbitrator who acts as a presidential arbitrator.