Hahn Air Ticketing Agreements

Hahn Air launches its own website for flights, www.hahnair.aero. Hahn Air`s refund policies can be accessed at www.hahnair.com. The refund of unused documents or part of them is made according to the following conditions: The refund of a fully unused or partially used ticket is only made at the request of the passenger. As a ticket provider, Hahn Air is not allowed to provide direct assistance to these matters. Please direct your request to your travel agency or exporting carrier. For airlines in at least one GDS, fill all of your global distribution gaps and increase your global reach while increasing revenue. HR-169 offers sales in markets where an airline does not participate in the BSP/ARC or does not offer GNP at all. Due to 100% secure sales on HR-169, it also provides access to BSP/ARC airline agencies that do not have an airline`s ticketing authorization. You can find information on ticket availability on HR 169 documents in your market via Hahn Air`s quick check-in tool on www.hahnair.com. Some rates are limited to HR documents for exposure. Please also check the rules of the corresponding tariff base (for example. B sales restrictions, flight restrictions, etc.) submitted to the GDS. You can also contact the Hahn Air Service Desk under service@hahnair.com The first interline agreements between Hahn Air and five airlines in Latin America have been signed, marking the beginning of the company`s Air Ticketing hahn platform and distribution services.

Enter all major MDSs and sell your flights through travel agencies around the world. To integrate H1-Air into your distribution channels, all you need to do is manage an inventory system, have a valid IATA evaluator, and provide Hahn Air Systems with schedules, availability and fares. We then take care of all the planning, pricing, messaging, booking, ticketing and billing processes with all the major MDSs around the world. Fastjet, a long-time partner of Hahn Air Systems, which is available in all major GDSs under the H1 code, has strengthened its collaboration with Hahn Air Group by signing an Interline agreement with Hahn Air. As a result, Fastjet is able to sell its flights under its own “FN” designer to Amadeus GDS, even in markets where the airline is not a member of the local billing and billing plan (BSP). Travel agencies around the world that use the aforementioned GDS can book the airline and provide their services on Hahn Air`s HR-169 ticket under the standard GDS booking and ticketing procedure. As a general rule, documents can only be issued if they comply with The applicable rules and conditions of Hahn Air as a ticketing airline and, in addition to these rules, the terms and conditions, including the marketing company`s fare rules. Please use information about www.hahnair.com or support of our Service Desk to resolve any problems to avoid subsequent sampling. Offers airlines without an e-ticket database a simple and economical ticketing solution.

An HR-169 plus agreement includes all HR-169 services and opens your airline to the world of ticket distribution by converting your airline to a ticket-compatible airline.