City Of Lethbridge Collective Agreement

Out of the city`s 54 highest-paid employees, only 9 – or 17 percent – are women, according to Strain. There are no numbers for First Nations, minorities or people with disabilities. In recent weeks, Lethbridge News Now has been inquiring about the salaries of the municipality, including executives, planners, employees, superiors and the City Manager. We asked why they are not published/published publicly on the city`s website. Strain says the city looks at all the pay comparators. Some Alberta cities, such as Calgary and Red Deer, publish lists available on each city`s website each year or at regular intervals. Strain says that could soon change, as the city will be more open and transparent. At the Lethbridge City Council meeting on Monday, September 16, a motion may be introduced requesting that the salaries of the municipal government and the salaries of the mayor and council be made public or made available. After an initial request, LNN received a list.

According to the city`s communications department, it is explained that each administration is within the compensation group and that the pay margin for that position. Other workers fall to one of the nine unions and have individual collective agreements. These salaries and/or salaries are here: To compensate for the loss of this one-third wage exemption, the salaries of mayors and Lethbridge council have increased. “In every comparison system, there is always a trough and a peak. We like to be in the middle.¬†When Strain was hired in July 2018, he brought experience at the provincial and federal levels, including as deputy minister in the Manitoba government and in leadership roles at Service Canada, Veterans Affairs Canada and Human Resources Development Canada. This means checking whether the city is the best institution to provide certain services, or if some could be mandated, for example. The Director of Collective Services, the Director of Business Services, the Director of Infrastructure Services and the Director of the City Manager`s Office earn between $187,629 and $234,507 (Group G). That means comparing apples to apples, Strain says. From there, comparisons are divided into units such as parks for parks, HR in HR.

“As set out in Alberta government legislation, it leaves municipalities with the choice to publicly disclose salaries until they do,” strain said. “Whether they do it by person, by position or by salary range. Again, I cannot say why other jurisdictions have done it, or frankly, I cannot explain why we did not do it, unless it is a political decision. So politicians make those decisions, and they make proposals, and they`re either adopted or defeated.¬†LETHBRIDGE, AB – Update: A request from Councillor Jeffrey Coffman is expected to be made at Monday`s board meeting (Sept.